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Networks are the lifeblood of the 21st century, yet most of us overlook their importance until they stop working. TerreCom provides your business with a complete enterprise network solution. Starting with consultation, design and implementation of your network, TerreCom Managed Network Services (MNS) will provide world-class support to ensure your business runs with ease and efficiency.

TerreCom’s nationally recognised team of engineers architect, implement and monitor a high performing, cost-effective intelligent network design custom-built to maximise your business’s efficiency and productivity. In addition, we partner with industry-leading vendors and work with service providers to specifically tailor a solution for your business needs.

Our MNS technology offers predictive traffic analysis and identification of performance degradation to provide network solutions before a problem exists. The key to TerreCom is our firm belief in transparency and integrity. Our priority is the security and high performance of your network to keep your business running smoothly.

Our Story

TerreCom was founded by two leading industry specialists with over fifty years of experience covering all aspects of enterprise network design, build and deployment. They recognised a need for a different approach to tailoring enterprise network architectures and management support for individual businesses.

With this approach in mind, TerreCom undertook an industry review to identify and select the best-of-breed partners to implement this vision. The goal was to empower our customers with real-time visibility of their network and dramatically improve agility to match the dynamic nature of modern businesses.

Our MNS product was launched in 2019 and was quickly embraced by customers. We continue to develop the product offering, working in partnership with our customers to meet the ever-changing industry requirements.

Why trust us?

Our industry experience and agile capability allow us to develop services that constantly adjust to meet the needs of our customers.

We leverage industry-leading tools and practices to secure the information we hold for your business. We have documented processes with auditable accountability for staff that access secure information and networks. The current threat landscape means our processes and tools are of the highest standard and meet all industry requirements.


Our approach is focused on collaborative engagement. We strive to truly understand your needs and desired outcomes and have a proven track record of delivery for our customers. TerreCom works with all network carriers and vendors to provide service selection based solely on what works best for you and your business.

We will always value results and transparency over quick money, so you know we will only ever recommend the best outcome for your business.

Design & Implementation

We provide a complete design and implementation capability covering high-level and detailed designs, project delivery, equipment procurement, configuration and installation. The scope can range from simple changes to complete network redesign and rebuilds.

We work with any parties you nominate that may be delivering an aspect of a project. 

We have developed strategic partnerships with entities that hold specialist skills beyond our organisation to support delivery when required.


Managed Network Service

Our best-in-market technology allows us to provide complete network management from the ground up. Choose a service tier that best fits your business needs, and allow us to keep your network running with ease and efficiency. We develop an understanding of your network with a focus on personalised service.

We use intelligent network systems to identify issues and anomalies and support predictive analysis of performance degradation, allowing us to provide solutions before a problem develops.

Meet our

Leadership Team



Doug is the co-founder of TerreCom and is dedicated to providing national holistic technology solutions. Doug is also the managing director of AirBridge Networks, providing network connectivity in urban and regional landscapes through multiple technologies.

With over 20 years of experience in the communications field, Doug is responsible for mentoring and managing a highly effective team of professionals with a genuine desire and passion for delivering a superior customer experience. Doug is a thought-leading technology specialist who is driven to design solutions specific to our customers’ needs.



Arthur is an experienced IT Consultant with a demonstrated history of excellence in the telecommunications industry. He holds many industry accreditations and has extensive experience in networking, all aspects of telecommunications, pre-sales, and network design.

After 28 years in the industry working with enterprise customers, Arthur founded TerreCom with Doug Stephens. Together they have grown the business to support a broad range of customers. Arthur holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from James Cook University.

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