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TerreCom is an Australian based business with a passion for adding value to our customers and their regions.

Our Story

TerreCom was founded by two leading industry specialists with over fifty years of experience covering all aspects of enterprise network design, build and deployment. They recognised a need for a different approach to tailoring enterprise network architectures and management support for individual businesses.

With this approach in mind, TerreCom undertook an industry review to identify and select the best-of-breed partners to implement this vision. The goal was to empower our customers with real-time visibility of their network and dramatically improve agility to match the dynamic nature of modern businesses.

Our Managed Network Service (MNS) product was launched in 2019 and was quickly embraced by customers seeking quality, specialised network support capability, delivered with value.

In 2021 we launched our Managed Monitoring Service (MMS) product to meet customer demand for a simple single-view network visibility offering.

We continue to develop our product offerings, working in partnership with our customers to meet the ever-changing industry requirements.

Why trust us?

Our industry experience and agile capability allow us to develop services that constantly adjust to meet the needs of our customers.

We leverage industry-leading tools and practices to secure the information we hold for your business. We have documented processes with auditable accountability for staff that access secure information and networks. The current threat landscape means our processes and tools are of the highest standard and meet all industry requirements.

Our Approach

We understand that when it comes to business communications and IT solutions, you must get the right technology and advice upfront, with ongoing professional technical support.

We work collaboratively with you to develop and execute a strategy to deploy capabilities and deliver value to your organisation.